Dates  : Jul 15 - 16, 2022

Venue : International Youth Hostel Conference Hall Mysore 

5th Maid Road, Gokulam 2nd Stage, Gokulam, Mysuru, Karnataka

About the Conference : This Conference is designed with the intention to promote research passion and temper among the Young and the Seniors as research and development as the back bone of any institution and to say to any country.​ This Conference is Organized by  IMRF Institute of Higher Education & Research, an International Renowned Institute since 2002 Regd with Govt of India, AP State Govt, Recognized and associated with many Universities in India & Abroad.


This International Conference shall witness a wide range of technical papers as Oral Paper Presentations and Poster Presentations besides Plenary Sessions on different disciplines from all over the World.


This Conference is honoured to bring Proceedings of the International Conference with ISBN and publishing Quality Papers in UGC Care Listed Journals, Currently Indexed Scopus Journals and Web of Science Journals on APC. 

Call for Papers : ​Original research papers in Agriculture, Environment, Veterinary, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Life Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Environment Sciences, Medical Sciences Departments and allied subjects are invited for presentation from Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists.​ in MS Word 12 Font with Proper Title, Author Names including Affiliation, Abstract with minimum 300 Words, Key Words, Introduction, Main Content, Conclusion & References.

How to Submit Abstract : Conference Code AEBC

Email to  with Name, Department, Institution Name, Email , Mobile Number.

Conference Code/Name in the email message along with Abstract attachment in MS Word


Topics for Discussion: 

  1. Agronomy

  2. Sericulture

  3. Plant Biochemistry

  4. Agricultural Engineering

  5. Principles of Plant Biotechnology

  6. Agricultural Entomology

  7. Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices

  8. Breeding of Field and Horticulture Crops

  9. Dairy and Food Engineering

  10. Watershed Hydrology

  11. Systems Engineering

  12. Reservoir and Farm Pond Design

  13. Environmental Engineering

  14. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

  15. Crop Production Technology

  16. Ground Water, wells and pumps

  17. Food Packing Technology

  18. Design and maintenance of greenhouse

  19. Watershed planning management

  20. Environmental studies

  21. Theory of machines

  22. Crop process and drying and storage engineering

  23. Farm machinery and equipment

  24. Soil and fluid mechanics

  25. Technical English communication

  26. Hydraulic drive and controls

  27. Farm power and machinery management

  28. Tractor systems and controls remote sensing and GIS applications

  29. Production technology for agricultural machinery

  30. Agricultural economies

  31. Veterinary Anatomy

  32. Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry

  33. Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

  34. Veterinary Parasitology

  35. Veterinary Microbiology

  36. Veterinary Pathology

  37. Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology

  38. Animal Nutrition

  39. Animal Genetics and Breeding

  40. Livestock Production Management

  41. Livestock Products Technology

  42. Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics

  43. Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

  44. Veterinary Medicine

  45. Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education

  46. Environmental archaeology

  47. Environmental chemistry

  48. Environmental degradation

  49. Environmental design

  50. Environmental economics

  51. Environmental effects on physiology

  52. Environmental engineering

  53. Environmental ethics

  54. Environmental finance

  55. Environmental geography

  56. Environmental geology

  57. Environmental history

  1. Climate-ADAPT

  2. Impacts, vulnerability and risks

  3. Policies and actions

  4. Climate finance

  5. Greenhouse gas emissions in Europe

  6. Ozone depleting substances and climate change

  7. Policies and measures

  8. Air pollution sources

  9. Air quality and COVID-19

  10. Air quality concentrations

  11. Air quality index

  12. Air quality management

  13. Explore air pollution data

  14. Health impacts of air pollution

  15. Urban air quality

  16. Resource efficiency

  17. Waste management

  18. Waste prevention

  19. Contamination from local sources

  20. Soil and climate change

  21. Agroforestry

  22. Assisted Migration

  23. Biodiversity and Climate Change

  24. Carbon and Land Management

  25. Carbon as One of Many Management Objectives

  26. Carbon Benefits of Wood-Based Products and Energy

  27. Carbon Considerations in Land Management

  28. Climate Change Refugia

  29. Detecting Tree Migration with Forest Inventory Analysis

  30. Effects of Drought on Forests and Rangelands

  31. Forest Management for Carbon Benefits

  32. Forest Soil Carbon and Climate Change

  33. Forests, Water, and Climate Change

  34. Global Carbon

  35. Grassland Carbon Management

  36. Grasslands and Climate Change

  37. Importance of Forest Cover

  38. Landscape Analysis

  39. Management of Forest Carbon Stocks

  40. Maple Syrup

  41. Northeastern US Forest Pests

  42. Recreation

  43. Reptiles and Climate Change

  44. Silviculture for Climate Change

  45. Species Distribution and Climate Change

  46. Urban Forests and Climate Change

  47. Warmwater Aquatic Fauna and Climate Change

Important Dates 

Abstract Submission Last Date                                  : 08/07/2022
Registration Last Date                                                  : 09/07/2022
Conference    Dates                                                        : 15-16/07/2022
Full Paper Submission Last Date                                : 18/08/2022

UGC Care Publication                                                    : 1 Month
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