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Welcome to ICPCE - 2021
The International Conference on Applications of Physics, Chemistry & Engineering Sciences 2021 (ICPCE -2021) organized by IMRF  Institute of Higher Education & Research is  one of the significant conferences in the Academic Community

Call for Papers

Original research papers from Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists are invited for presentation in Applications of Physics, Chemistry & Engineering and other disciplines with related to Physical and Engineering Sciences

​Physics :

Nanoscale structure and structural defects | Classical Physics | Astrophysics | Particle And Nuclear Physics | Applied Physics | Atomic Physics | Molecular Physics | Optical Physics | Laser Physics | Geophysics | Computational Physics | Biophysics |  Quantum Physics | Electromagnetism | Chemical Physics | Nanotechnology | Plasma Physics |Condensed Matter Physics etc., and allied subjects.

Chemistry :

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering |  Nanotechnology and Materials Science | Catalysis and Polymer Science | Green and Environmental Chemistry | Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry | Organic chemistry | Biochemistry and Natural Products | Petroleum and Petrochemicals | Inorganic Chemistry | Analytical Chemistry | Physical and Theoretical Chemistry | Environmental Chemistry and Renewable Energy | Industrial and Petroleum Chemistry | Food and Agricultural Chemistry | Geochemistry and Mineral Chemistry | Chemical Education etc.,  and allied subjects.

Engineering Sciences ​:

Civil |Environmental |Geotechnical |Structural | Mining | Transport | Water resources | Electronics | Automation, Robotics and Control | Electrical Engineering | Electronic Measurements | Electronics | High Frequency Technology | Microwaves | Nano / Microelectronics | Renewable Energy | Signal Technology | System Engineering | Computer Technologies | Telecommunications Engineering |  Biomolecular |Materials |Molecular |Process | Corrosion| Electrical |Computer | Electronic | Optical |Power| Mechanical |Acoustical | Opto-mechanical |Manufacturing |Thermal |Sports engineering| Vehicle |Power plant | Energy | Software | Computer-aided engineering |Cryptographic |Tele-traffic|Web engineering |Systems | Aerospace engineering | Agricultural engineering | Applied engineering |Biomedical |Biological | Building services |Railway engineering |Industrial engineering | Mechatronics |Management | Military engineering | Nanoengineering |Nuclear|Petroleum |Textile engineering and allied engineering subjects.

Submission of Papers

Participants intending to present papers in conference are requested to submit soft copy of the abstract incorporating the motivation, method of solution and important findings of their investigation to

Note :

Participation is for limited number. To take part we request to register early.


Early Last Date for Abstract / Paper Submission : 30/11/2020      Final Last Date for Abstract / Paper Submission : 30/01/2021

Early Last Date for Registration                                : 15/12/2020      Final Last Date for Registration                                : 15/02/2021






Note : Fee Once Paid is not Refundable but can be transferred to next conference if informed 15 days before

   Note : Those who are interested in Academic Awards may contact on the Same Email with Detailed CV. 


Accommodation : Accommodation is arranged on request by the Organizers under Package 2 or one can book accommodation in the Vicinity of the Conference Venue

Conference Program

Academic Program Time Table will shortly Update

Conference Starts on 05th & 06th March 2021 at 09.00 AM and Closes 02.30 PM

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