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Dates  : Jul 16 - 17, 2021

Virtual : Online via Zoom

IMRF Institute of Higher Education, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Will Publish in Currently Listed  Q3 / Q4 Scopus Indexed Journal
Last Date for Direct Full Paper Submission                                                                            :   13/07/2021
Provisional Acceptance Date on or before                                                                             :   13/07/2021
Last Date for Registration                                                                                                           :   14/07/2021
Intimation of Scopus Journal Name & Modifications in your paper if any                    :   15/08/2021
Scopus Journal Publication shall be Provided on or before                                               :   30/08/2021
Email to Submit Papers
Conference Registration Fee :   USD 350
For Indian Student 20% Discount [280 USD ] & For Indian Faculty 15 % Discount [300 USD]
is extended
Upon Registration -  Delegates Shall Receive
     1. Soft Copy Certificate of Participation & Presentation in the International Conference
     2. Soft Copy Abstracts Book / Proceedings of the Conference with ISBN
     3. Soft Copy Best Paper / Best Presentation / Outstanding Research etc., Award Certificate
     4. Paper will be Published in Currently Listed  Q3 or Q4 Scopus Indexed Journal
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About the Conference : This Conference is designed with the intention to promote research passion and temper among the Young and the Seniors as research and development as the back bone of any institution and to say to any country.​ This Conference is Organized by  IIST Malaysia & Dept of Mathematics, IMRF Institute of Higher Education & Research, an International Renowned Institute since 2002 Regd with Govt of India, AP State Govt, Recognized and associated with many Universities in India & Abroad.
Call for Papers : ​Original research papers in Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Language, Literature, Education and Library Science and allied subjects are invited for presentation from Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists.​ in Ms Word 12 Font with Proper Title, Author Names including Affiliation, Abstract with minimum 300 Words, Key Words, Introduction, Main Content, Conclusion & References.


Topics of Discussion 

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  1. Primary education

  2. Secondary education

  3. Higher education

  4. Vocational education

  5. Adult education

  6. Alternative education

  7. Madrasa education

  8. Woman education

  9. Dance education

  10. Distance education

  11. International studies

  12. Journalism education

  13. Special education

  14. Vocational education 

  15. Music Education

  1. Gender Equality & Educational Systems

  2. Toxic Masculinity

  3. Re-socialization of Men

  4. Socialization of Boys

  5. Legal Remedies

  6. Implementing Law

  7. Law and Accountability

  8. Inheritance Rights

  9. Gender and Sexual Diversity

  10. Women’s Human Rights

  11. Women, Climate Change and Inequality

  12. Women Empowerment and Social Change

  13. Challenging Male Dominance 

  14. Consciousness - Raising 

  15. Men as Allies in Struggle

  16. Women, Media and Technology

  17. Transgender Rights and Sexual Diversity

  18. Women’s Success Stories

  19. Cyber Feminisms - Blogs, Zines and Reproductive Rights

  20. Activist Art |

  21. Women’s Spirituality and Religion

  22. Trafficking and Prostitution 

  23. Women in Politics and Public Administration.

  24. Women’s Issues like Education

  25. Leadership

  26. Safety

  27. Health

  28. Empowerment

  29. Challenges and/or any topic in relation to women’s and gender studies

  30. Feminist method

  31. Gender studies

  32. Gender mainstreaming | Gynocentrism

  33. Kyriarchy

  34. Matriarchy

  35. Women's studies

  36. Patriarchy

  37. Écritureféminine

  1. English Studies

  2. Linguistics

  3. Socio linguistics

  4. Discourse analysis

  5. Language learning and teaching

  6. Literature American literature – including African American literature

  7. Jewish American literature

  8. Southern literature

  9. Australian literature

  10. British literature

  11. Canadian literature

  12. Irish literature New Zealand literature

  13. Scottish literature

  14. Welsh literature

  15. South African literature

  16. Translations

  17. Literature, Culture and Human Values

  18. Traditional woman vs New woman

  19. New Directions in Creative Writings Traditional Writers vs Contemporary Writers

  20. Teacher Research - classroom

  21. Expressions in Comparative Literature

  22. American Literature – including African American Literature

  23. Post Modern British Literature

  24. Modern Techniques in Teaching Languages

  25. Language and Dialects

  26. Innovative Teaching Methods to improve Reading and Writing Skills

  27. Multimedia Writings

  28. Business Communication in English

  29. Teaching Language through English Newspapers and Magazines

  30. Benefits of Bilingualism in Teaching Language

  31. Techniques for teaching Children with learning disabilities & emotional problems 

  32. Globalization and language learning

  33. Symbolism in American Literature 

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Topics are not confined to the above only but can be from any area of Education, Women Empowerment & Language Studies Etc.
Resource Persons

Dr. Vivekananda Chakraborty ,  Midnapore Town School – Heritage,  Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Eminent experts from home and abroad.
For More Details ​Email :
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