Academic Awards

Global Excellence Awards 2021.jpg

Nominations are invited for


From  Teachers, Faculty, Scientists, Principals, Vice Chancellors, Scholars, Researchers, , Administrators, Inventors, Writers, Industry in all disciplines


Dates : December 18th, 2021  

Platform : Online - Via Zoom  | 05 PM IST

Last Date to Submit Nominations : 15/12/2021 

Last Date to Register : 16/12/2021

Registration & Membership Fee : Scholars : 3500/- Faculty : 4500/- Principals : 5000/- Industry 7500/-

(Membership Provides 1. Membership Certificate 2.Award Certificate 3. Award Momentou 4. Interested will be inducted into IMRF Journals Editorial Board Members) 4. Possible Speaker Opportunities in Conferences organized by IMRF 5. Facilitating SCI, SSCI, AHCI, WoS, Scopus, UGC Care Publications 

Note : 1. Membership Fee is not for Award and there are no hidden charges.  Membership Fee provides Academic Privileges of the Organization and                       Awards are part of Academic Privileges  purely conferred on Individual Academic & Research Merit with in the Members of the Organization.


IMRF has been honouring academic excellence through Academic Awards every year.

The Awards will be presented during the Conferences of IMRF each time.


Each Award recognizes excellence in education as manifested in the varied ways that may significantly impact the education and well-being of our citizens to encourage and to set example for the young generations.


Key Objectives

  • To acknowledge and promote academic excellence.

  • To give recognition that feeds into their curriculum vitae and future careers, and

  • To make visible to the academic community thereby upgrading standards of excellence and achievement.


Selection: Experts of the International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation will review each application thoroughly. IMRF reserves the right to select awardees. The decision of the experts of the IMRF will be final and binding. Award winners will be notified by e-mail after the selections are made.