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Speaker Opportunities

International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation is committed to establish all possible strong ethical academic platform to establish its social and academic responsibility by way of conducting worth participating international academic conferences engraved with a rich saga of systematic procedure to bring in a life-like experience much to treasure it and to be constantly inspired on and on to be able to produce tireless striving to stretch its arm towards universally acclaimed perfection designed an art that has an opportunity to leave a footprint which encrypted a path to the Research Planet.

With the encouragement of people of all walks of life and the government, IMRF left no stone unturned to convene Educational and Research Programs at all levels of study and disciplines throughout all the seasons of the year.

We are seeking professionals who are Foreign Nationals, NRI's, Industry/Business People and Emeritus Professors on a voluntary basis who can arrange their travel through their parent organizations or available sources, to join us in this mission to inculcate and impart value based research knowledge.

Foreign Nationals for any reason in India you are there you may contact us we would love to make your presence in India a Special One adding more events in your fold with our conferences and interactive sessions with students and faculty our collaborative Institutions & organizations .

In gratitude, we shall honour your presence and expertise with a well-deserved IMRF Academic Award. 


Interested may Drop us your details we will be in touch. 

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