Dates : May 19 - 21, 2022

Organizers : Nesamony Memorial Christian College, Marthandam, Kanniyakumari Dt, Tamilnadu &

IMRF Institute of Higher Education, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Venue : Nesamony Memorial Christian College, Marthandam, Kanniyakumari Dt, Tamilnadu

International Conference In honour of Dr.A.Vijayan's, Dept of Mathematics Superannuation
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About the College : The Nesamony Memorial Christian College is a prestigious academic and research institution that enhances the students’ academic and personal development, by providing a highly professional and open-minded education rooted in ethics and values. The college is sprawled in a lush green campus, having the excellent infrastructure in science, humanities, commerce and management, with a well-equipped library and hostel facility for the grooming students to become world-class citizens in this globally competitive world.


The college is affiliated to the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli of Tamil Nadu and also recognised under 2(f) and 12(B) by the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.

About the Collaborator : International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation (IMRF), India, an Academic Research Association of Scholars, Academicians & Scientists from India and Abroad was established under Section 35 of 2001 Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. It was registered with Government of India NITI Aayog NGO Darpan with its Head Quarters at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The Academic Chapters are committed for the promotion of values, ethical education and research in young researchers as well as towards modern society in more than 100 countries including various parts of India.  IMRF serves different subjects. The sub subjective associations and the sub teams Organize International Conferences, Conducts Research Projects, Establish Collaborations with National & International Educational Institutions and Organizations. With innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, it has successfully organized more than 300 International Programs across globe since 2002 physically and more than 100 during the pandemic virtually.

About the Conference : This International Conference on Advances in Mathematics & Computer Engineering 2022 is designed to give an exposure on current challenges and advances in Mathematics and Computer Engineering. This Conference shall witness a wide range of technical papers as Oral Paper Presentations and Poster Presentations besides Plenary Sessions on different disciplines from all over the World. This Conference is honoured to bring Proceedings of the International Conference with ISBN and publishing Quality Papers in UGC Care Listed Journals, Currently Indexed Scopus Journals and Web of Science Journals on APC. 

Call for Papers : ​Original research papers in Mathematics, Computer Engineering and allied subjects are invited for presentation from Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists.​ in MS Word 12 Font with Proper Title, Author Names including Affiliation, Abstract with minimum 300 Words, Key Words, Introduction, Main Content, Conclusion & References.
How to Submit Abstract : Conference Code AMC

Email to  with Name, Department, Institution Name, Email , Mobile Number.

Conference Code/Name in the email message along with Abstract attachment in MS Word


Topics for Discussion: 

  1. Mathematical Logic and Foundations

  2. Topology 

  3. Combinatorics

  4. Order, Lattices, Ordered Algebraic Structures

  5. General Algebraic Systems

  6. Number Theory

  7. Field Theory and Polynomials

  8. Commutative Algebra

  9. Algebraic Geometry

  10. Linear And Multilinear Algebra; Matrix Theory

  11. Associative Rings and Algebras

  12. Nonassociative Rings and Algebras

  13. Category Theory; Homological Algebra

  14. K-Theory

  15. Group Theory and Generalizations

  16. Topological Groups, Lie Groups

  17. Real Functions

  18. Measure and Integration

  19. Functions of a Complex Variable

  20. Potential Theory

  21. Several Complex Variables and Analytic Spaces

  22. Special Functions

  23. Ordinary Differential Equations

  24. Partial Differential Equations

  25. Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

  26. Difference and Functional Equations

  27. Sequences, Series, Summability

  28. Approximations and Expansions

  29. Harmonic Analysis on Euclidean Spaces

  30. Abstract Harmonic Analysis

  31. Integral Transforms, Operational Calculus

  32. Integral Equations

  33. Functional Analysis

  34. Operator Theory

  1. Global Analysis, Analysis on Manifolds

  2. Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes

  3. Statistics

  4. Numerical Analysis

  5. Mechanics of Particles And Systems

  6. Mechanics of Deformable Solids

  7. Fluid Mechanics

  8. Optics, Electromagnetic Theory

  9. Classical Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer

  10. Quantum Theory

  11. Statistical Mechanics, Structure of Matter

  12. Relativity and Gravitational Theory

  13. Astronomy and Astrophysics

  14. Geophysics

  15. Operations Research, Mathematical Programming

  16. Game Theory, Economics, Finance, and Other Social and Behavioral Sciences

  17. Systems Theory; Control

  18. Information and Communication Theory, Circuits

  19. Mathematics Education

  1. Algorithms

  2. Artificial Intelligence

  3. Assembly Language

  4. Computational Complexity Theory

  5. Computer Engineering

  6. Computer Networks

  7. Internet

  8. Data Mining

  9. Data Structure

  10. Discrete Mathematics

  11. Distributed Computing

  12. File Sharing

  13. Hacking

  14. History of Computer Science

  15. Machine Learning

  16. Programming

  17. Quantum Computing

  18. Software Engineering

  19. Differential Geometry for Computer Science

  20. Simplified MIPS Assembly Language Programming

  21. Intermediate Software Design 

  22. Digital Photography

  23. Logic in Computer Science

  24. Computer Programming with Java

  25. Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control; Optimization

  26. Geometry

  27. Convex and Discrete Geometry

  28. Differential Geometry

  29. General Topology

  30. Algebraic Topology

  31. Manifolds and Cell Complexes

Important Dates 

Abstract Submission Last Date                                  : 12/05/2022
Registration Last Date                                                  : 14/05/2022
Conference Dates                                                           : 19-20/05/2022
Full Paper Submission Last Date                                : 30/05/2022

UGC Care Publication                                                    : 1 Month
Scopus Publication                                                         : 1 to 3 Months
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Google Pay / PhonePe  : 9533 42 1234 (Dr.Ratnakar DB)

Bank Name                   : ICICI Bank, Eluru Road Branch,  Vijayawada                         

Name of the Account  : International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation

Account Number         : 180305000954

IFSC CODE                     : ICIC0001803

Beneficiary’s Address : # 1-90, Near VTPS Main Gate,

Ibrahimpatnam, 521456, Krishna Dt, Andhra Pradesh, India.


‪Publication Opportunity :

Conference Collaborators Extends on Additional Article Processing Charges

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  2. Currently Indexed Scopus Journal Publications (Normal Journals | Standard Journals | Guaranteed Indexing Journals)

  3. Currently Indexed Web of Science Journal Publications

  4. SCI Journal Publications

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  6. ISBN Book Publications

Conference Chairman :

Prof. Dr. Ratnakar D Bala

CEO & Director (Academics)

IMRF Institute of Higher Education & Research, India

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Mobile : +91 9618777011, +91 9533421234

Team International Conference on Advances in Mathematics & Computer Engineering 2022


Chief Patron :

The Correspondent,
Nesamony Memorial Christian College,

Patron : 

Dr.K. Paul Raj,
Nesamony Memorial Christian College,

Conference Chairman : 

Dr. Ratnakar D Bala

CEO & Director (Academics)

IMRF Institute of Higher Education & Research, India

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Conference Coordinator : 

Dr M Lellis Thivagar
Professor and Chairperson
Former Member Syndicate, MKU
School of Mathematics
Madurai Kamaraj University,  Madurai

General Convener
Dr.A. Pramila Inba Rose,
HoD of Mathematics,
Nesamony Memorial Christian College,


Organising Secretary

Dr.A. Vijayan,

Head of Research Centre of Mathematics,

Nesamony Memorial Christian College,


Dr.E. Ebin Raja Merly,
Associate Professor of Mathematics,
Nesamony Memorial Christian College,


Co- Conveners

Dr.T. Shyla Isac Mary, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr.S. Asha, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr,.G.D. Suresh, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr.D. Nidha, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Organising Committee Members
Dr.G. Sudhana, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr.Linta K. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr.S. Freeda, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mrs. D. Jaspin Jeba, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr.D. Subitha, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr.Iwin Joel, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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Resource Persons

Dr. V. Vilfred,

Professor, Department of Mathematics,

Central University of Kerala,

School of Physical Science,

Tejaswini Hills, Periye, Kasaragod,

Kerala - 671 316.


Dr.M. Lellis Thivagar,

Professor and Head,

Department of Mathematics,

Madurai Kamaraj University,

Madurai - 21. Tamilnadu.

Dr.R. Kala,

Professor and Head,

Department of Mathematics,

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University,



Dr. Mahadevan,

Professor, Department of Mathematics,

Gandhigram Rural Institute

Chinnalapatti, Dindukal District.